With ebooks evolving rapidly in the marketplace, we can now provide you with ebook versions of your book. We have teamed up with Jim Bindas, Books and Projects, to provide upload services, while we concentrate on the conversions.

Two formats predominate thus far: ePub for the iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and most other readers, and Mobi for the Kindle. While some of the design and formatting of your print book is lost in conversion, we work with the html code to preserve as much as possible within the parameters of each format and vendor. We customize your conversion so your book looks its best on each eReader. Conversion fees depend on the complexity of your book. And we have great customer service.


"Thanks again for all your help—you are wonderful! Yes, I think the book turned out really well. You did a marvelous job with it. We have both come a long way in our learning process since the first "your life" book It will be interesting to see where this one takes me. Thanks again for your skill, support, friendship, and spirit." —Kathryn Harwig, Your Life in the Palm of Your Hand, The Millennium Effect, The Intuitive Advantage, The Angel in the Big Pink Hat, Palm Visions