With ebooks evolving rapidly in the marketplace, we can now provide you with ebook versions of your book. We have teamed up with Jim Bindas, Books and Projects, to provide upload services, while we concentrate on the conversions.

Two formats predominate thus far: ePub for the iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, and most other readers, and Mobi for the Kindle. While some of the design and formatting of your print book is lost in conversion, we work with the html code to preserve as much as possible within the parameters of each format and vendor. We customize your conversion so your book looks its best on each eReader. Conversion fees depend on the complexity of your book. And we have great customer service.


"Dorie your new web site is easy to navigate, interesting, colorful, and exciting—truly a masterpiece, as is all the book design you provide! Working with you is a delight. Together we have published many books, of which 19 now reside in the Minnesota Historical Society, two in the Smithsonian, and one in the Library of Congress. A crowning touch to my clients' lifelong journeys, your contribution to the projects have been greater than either my clients or I ever expected. Thanks so much for all the heart and soul you contribute to the efforts of Memoirs, Inc. I am forever grateful."

—Mary O'Brien Tyrrell, founder and president of Memoirs, Inc.

"Since I haven't shown your books because they belong to the families, I offer this reply. Much thanks goes to you Mary. What a pleasure it's been to grow with you and serve your clients in something so important to them and their families. I will forever remember your stories of how families use their books. I so appreciate being able to bring a professional design touch to these family heirlooms. And you, of course, are a gem. We have done lots of books, really lots, and I'm grateful to have participated."