Family Books

Memoirs and family histories take many forms. I mention them in a special section because much of my work consists of short-run, digitally-printed books for families. With the advent of online genealogical resources and widespread computer use, many memoirs and family histories are being written. They fill a growing need for telling and preserving the stories of loved ones. And now they can be easily published as interesting and professionally-designed books. If properly prepared and printed, they are true heirlooms to be treasured for generations. 

I can help you develop your ideas into a book that best suits your purposes. There are many ways to present stories and photographs. I've designed books for family stories, simple narratives, short stories, poetry, genealogical histories, military histories, stories for one's children, and a variety of memoirs. These books can be small, representing a single idea or event, or large enough to encompass a comprehensive family history. They can have photographs or not. They can be hardcover or softcover. Family books have saved deteriorating photo collections, brought together themed artworks, published essays, provided insights into lives, and been read at memorials. These books are well-received and treasured by families and friends. 

"Thank you so much, Dorie! As far as not skimping, I felt that if I was going to spend XXX amount of money, which would be a lot anyway, why skimp on any of it? I wanted to go all the way to make it everything I thought it could be. And it is that and more! This, my life, my legacy, to share with the world in the most beautiful way! You, Catherine, Bianca, George, and me made it happen!!!"

—Polly Norman, Dances through Glass