Klingenthal, Vogtland, Saxony

by K. Lothar Meisel with Betty Vos

Last in the line of nine generations of violinmakers, the author here chronicles his family history and his and his parents harrowing escape from what was East Germany after World War II. The narrative appears in four languages—English, German, French, and Italian, the languages of violinmakers. Photos were enhanced and made into duotones and full-color groupings of the family, the town and surrounding areas, and violins from the early 1700s to the present. Violin photo compositions by Dorie McClelland. The larger images of the violins show the wood grains and fine detail of the violinmakers. The line design on the front cover is carried through the chapter openers; it is on the back of one of Lothar Meisel's violins and was enhanced and digitized by Cathy Spengler. The entry into the book is a full spread of Kingenthal, the famiy's home for seven generations. Winner of a Midwest Book Award in 2008.

Specifications: 9 x 12 trim size, 288 pages, full color throughout, hardcover with inset label and foil stamp, set in Adobe Minion Pro and Optima. Cover design by Cathy Spengler, www.cathyspenglerdesign.com. Cover photo from the family archives. Violin photo originals courtesy of the National Music Museum, University of South Dakota. Photos from Meisel family, Rolf Beyer and Ralph Beck of Klingenthal, Mark Luinenberg, and Robert Noah. Published by Singing River Publications, Inc., Ely MN, 2008. Contact: www.singingriverpublications.com