Quotations from Diverse Voice

compiled by Phyllis Stenerson

This collection of themed quotations strikes at the heart of what it means to be a democracy and a citizen. The author has, and continues, to put together relevant and thought-provoking quotations to spur our thinking and action in a bi-partisan way. This small book was only the beginning. The interior design was developed by Amy Kirkpatrick as a graphic representation of the variety of quotations and themes. My job was to juggle the quotations so they fit. It also includes a section of biographies of well-known contributors to democracy.

Specifications: 5.5 x 6 trim size, 72 pages, 4-color interior, softcover, set in Adobe Garamond with titles in ITC Tempus Sans. Cover and interior design by Amy Kirkpatrick. www.kirkpatrickdesign.com. Published by the author's publishing house, paidellia LLC, Minneapolis MN, 2004. Contact: www.wisethoughts.com