The Best Techniques, Flies, and Destinations

by Tim Holschlag

This is the authoritative guide for smallmouth fly fishing. It has three distinct parts—techniques, a catalog of flies and how to make them, and 100 of the best destinations with maps, descriptions, and contact information, plus three full-color inserts of beautiful photos. The challenge was to incorporate these three very different types of information into a consistent design that was easy for the reader to access. Includes excellent illustrations of maps, flies, and techniques.

Specifications: 7 x 10 trim size, 344 pages, softcover, set in Adobe Minion. Organization of material and design work by Lyn Verthein. Photos by Tim Holschlag, Lyn Verthein, and Bruce Ingram. Illustrations by Ron Nelson. Published by the author's publishing house, Smallmouth Press, 2005. Contact: