The Viking Kings of Norway

by Eva Mildred Mykleby Pearson

One of the few, perhaps the only, comprehensive survey of all of the kings of Norway. These brief vignettes of each of the kings are based on extensive research and consultation with experts in Norwegian history and culture. This book has been translated into Norwegian and is being used in some Norwegian schools. It's been a best-seller here in the Midwest as well. The design challenge was to make it friendly and fun, as well as informative and well-documented. A few original drawings by Richard Hubal contribute to the fun. Her book on the Swedish kings is in the works.

Specifications: 7 x 10 trim size, 240 pages, softcover. Set in Janson Text with titles in ITC Benguiat. Cover illustration by Nancy Sohljell. Published by Norbakk Press, St. Paul MN, 1998.