Water Women Wisdom

Written and illustrated by Nancy Sheibe

The author has set out to paddle the length of the Mississippi River. This is the first part of that journey. She chronicles those who come to paddle with her, gatherings at various sites along the river, and personal stories—the power of women, the unexpected, the moving. She has also illustrated and photographed the journey. The design challenge was to make a book with a lot of text easy to read, and to differentiate the author's narrative from the women's stories.

Specifications: 6 x 9 trim size, 256 pages, softcover, set in Charlotte Book with titles in Avenir. Cover design by Amy Kirkpatrick, www.kirkpatrickdesign.com. Cover photo by Heather Jeske Pharr. Illustrations and photographs by Nancy Scheibe. Published by Singing River Publications, Inc., Ely MN, 2007. Contact: www.singingriverpublications.com