Your Personal Feng Shui Journey

by Carole J. Hyder

This now best-selling book focuses on specific issues that we might encounter in our homes and businesses and provides suggestions based on Feng Shui. Each page is a single topic, organized in broad categories. The interior is two-color which highlights the one-page topics and nicely places the symbolic leaf ornament. It includes diagrams of floor plans and the Feng Shui bagua. The trim size evolved to be just right to balance with the weight of the book. It's easy and inviting to hold in the hand. The cover features two varnishes and a metallic accent.

Specifications: 5.5 x 6.5 trim size, 272 pages, softcover with printed endsheets, two-color interior, set in Janson Text with some titling in Baker Signet. Published by the author's publishing house, Hyder Enterprises, Inc., Minneapolis MN, first printing, 1998, 5th printing, 2008. Contact: